Dubai Maid Problems – How to Deal with Them

Dubai Maid Problems

The life of being a maid in Dubai is not an easy job. Some may experience good, but many of them are not that lucky with their employer. As a maid, you have to leave your love ones in your country just to earn money for the best living that you could provide. And leaving a family is a hurtful time for anyone. There are times that they cannot sleep well because they missed them so much and the get home sick.

This is not good for person feelings this way. This would affect their performance in their job along the way. They also experience a “culture shock”, since you are now living in a different country. They will have to adjust the temperature, the food, the employer’s attitude and everything will be changed for them as they live as a maid in Dubai.

Some of the maids in Dubai had a turbulence experience between their employers, especially if they are living in the house of their employer- what we call “stay in”. There are times that they are not given a fair treatment they must have to deserve. Their safety is at risk. Unknowingly, sometimes employer does not understand their maids simply because, they do not know what their maid went through in their life. And this, too, is unfair for them.

Here are some of the Dubai maid problems they encounter:

1. Getting abused by the employer. This is will include physical and mental and emotional torture. This is not a healthy experience for them. This may result in more humiliating effects to every maid which could lead them to do bad things back at their employer.

Mental – saying bad words to them, not letting you to say something, and even telling them to go away and never come back.

Physical – hurting them with any hard objects, manual hurting – like slapping, etc.

Emotional – hiding them from people around, not letting you go home when they are ready to go, not letting them talk to their loved ones, etc.

2. Mistreated and being harassed. This leads to being a helpless Dubai maid and leads to a loss of hope in changing their way of living.

How to deal with maid in Dubai problems:

1. Impose human rights. Do not let injustice prevail. Equality and women empowerment have to be implemented so that everyone has to be given the right and be safe on working areas.

Dubai Maid Problems

2. Provide them with right protection like working periods, health insurance, legal rights, proper accommodation, proper remittances, etc.

3. Proper access to any relevant and right authorities in the said country. It must have to be that there will proper access of the workers to any authorities in case of any situations that are not in favor to them.

There are still lots of problems that a maid had experience on, it may be simple or not, this must have to be addressed. Every individual has their rights to be protected.

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