Laundry services in Dubai – Keeping your child entertained

Laundromat services are simply very practical and suitable ways to wash big bulks of clothes at once (since multiple washing and drying machines are at your disposal in a given moment) and allow users to opt in for additional services such as adjustments or dry cleaning. Self-service gives you the liberty to choose the options and pricing is affordable as well. They’re also quite amusing places to catch up with random individuals, learn new stuff in the community and have some chit-chats while waiting.


But, as with many errands in a busting city as Dubai, what about on those laundry days when your kids are alone at home, there is nobody to watch them and the best option is to have them joining you on your trip to the laundromat? As enjoyable and energetic as they may be, their constant need for entertainment and having fun are just a real challenge to navigate while completing laundry to say the least. Fortunately, if you find some clever ways to keep them engaged and even drop some educational content on them as well, your worries will be greatly taken care of.

Keep them engaged

Entrusting basic tasks to your children, keeps their attention focused and them engaged during the visit to the laundry service near you in Dubai. It also provides them with a certain sense of importance in their ability to assist you. Furthermore, being involved in the process inspires a sense of work ethic and emphasizes the importance of being an active participant in every day household chores.

So, always consider allowing your child to assist you load the machines, sort the clothing, or add the soap to the washer. This is really vital in making them feel valued, appreciated and included.

Making sure stuffed animals are washed correctly

Inspect the toys for loose threads and tears that could lead the toy to rip open in the machine. Also check for loose parts, such as eyes, limbs, noses or other parts as they could also get damaged in the process. To avoid damage in the wash, make sure to sew on any loose ends prior to placing the item in the wash.

Also, make sure to remove any electronic parts from the toy, but if those parts cannot be fully or easily removed without damaging it, the best idea would be to wash it by hand to avoid damaging its mechanics.

Bring some stuff to keep them occupied

Once you put everything in the machine’s driving mode, the waiting game begins, and this is probably the biggest challenge for parents. To keep them occupied and curb probable breakdowns, here are some ideas to explore:

  • Bring along their favourite colour book;
  • Have a tablet or laptop so they can watch a show
  • Read something interesting to them or even make them recite something they learnt at school

All of the above options can be constructive if needed. At worst case scenario, pull out your smartphone allow them to play a game.

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